CFM- Stands for cubic feet per minute and is a unit of measurement that indicates how many cubic feet of air pass by a stationary point in one minute.

Duct- The tube that provides the pathway for the air in your home. Usually rigid metal or flexible plastic tubes.

Duct Run- This term refers to the distance the air must flow to reach the output end of the duct.

In-Line Duct Fan- Any style of fan that is installed in the HVAC duct.

Inductor In-Line Duct Fan- single speed axial flow fan. Plastic or metal blade impeller is attached to a shaft and motor. 120V AC current. Normal house power is used to power these fans.

Inductor 2-speed fan- Similar to the single speed Inductor fans but they will have the ability to be wired either HI or LOW. A 3 position ON-OFF-ON switch can be wired to switch between the two speeds. The 3 position switch is field supplied.

Centrax® Centrifugal Fan- A centrifugal fan will have a centrally mounted motor with blades that radiate out from the center motor or hub. The Centrax® Centrifugal Fan is an in-line centrifugal fan with backwardly inclined fan blades. These blades accelerate the air outward where the air is moved down to the output end of the fan. Centrifugal fans are useful in applications requiring larger airflows or pressure. 120v AC Current

Duct Muffler- Duct Mufflers are used in duct runs that are transmitting noise. The Duct Muffler has sound absorbing material inside the body of the muffler. This material can attenuate (reduce) any noise moving through the duct.

HVAC Duct- The ductwork used by your furnace and air conditioning system to distribute air.

ThruWall Fan- The fan is installed in the wall between two rooms allowing air to be moved from one room to another. They are often used in conjunction with PTAC units, mini-splits, fireplaces, wood stoves, window air conditioning units, and other heating and cooling systems. Suncourt has two ThruWall fan models. The TW108 and TW208P please follow the links below to view their features.

Motorized Damper- An electrically powered mechanical device for controlling the flow of air through a duct. They are commonly used to shut off or open airflow to seldom used rooms or sections of living space. Suncourt has normally open and normally closed dampers sized to fit the most common duct sizes.

Static Pressure- Static pressure is the resistance to the flow of air, usually measured in water column inches of pressure. A 5’ duct run would have less static pressure than a 10’ duct run. Static pressure is also influenced by elbows and other restrictions in the duct or by the temperature of the air traveling through the duct.

Dba or Decibel- For our purposes a decibel is a numerical expression of the relative loudness of a sound. A whisper is 30 decibels and a normal conversation is 60 decibels. Most of the Suncourt fans fall in the 50-55 dB range. Please go here for more information on Fan Noise

Sones- A Sone is a subjective unit of loudness, as perceived by a person with normal hearing, equal to the loudness of a pure tone having a frequency of 1,000 hertz at 40 decibels.