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Solve residential electric dryer vent problems by supplementing the fan in your dryer to enhance it’s efficiency.

  • Shorter drying time
  • Less wear and tear on the dryer
  • Reduced lint buildup inside dryer and duct
  • Easy installation
  • Thermal overload protection and features an automatic reset
  • Current sensing switch

The Suncourt Dryer Boosting Kit comes with an accurate, reliable current sensing switch that turns the fan on and off when it senses current from the dryer.  Current sensing is more reliable than pressure switches used in other dryer boosting applications.  Stack effect, wind and installation can interfere with the operation of pressure switches by starting the fan unnecessarily or simply not turning the fan on when required. 

WARNING: The Suncourt Dryer Vent Kit is only approved for installation for electric clothes dryers.
  • Suncourt® Dryer Boosting Kit - DRY04